Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Shipping Container

It’s becoming increasingly common for professionals and consumers alike to turn to shipping containers for affordable, portable custom storage solutions. Many people feel that because shipping containers are solid steel, their goods will be safer. A steel box is indeed better than many storage systems, but ultimately, storing goods in shipping containers isn’t a foolproof method of preventing theft, vandalism, or loss of property. No matter who you are or what you’re storing, having shipping container security measures is important. Here are six tips for enhancing your shipping container security systems:

Pick Locks Carefully

You’re the one picking the locks on your shipping container, so make sure your locks are, well, hard to pick. Shipping container locks, also shortened to container locks, are designed for this purpose. They are typically bigger and bulkier than traditional locks and are designed to resist drills and bolt cutters. Bolt locks are another solid choice. They are made of thick steel interlocking teeth that slide open when a key is inserted. Because of their width, they are often tamper-resistant. If you want to use padlocks, purchase padlocks with shrouded shackles. The steel shroud protects the vulnerable parts of a padlock. You could also consider a hidden shackle padlock. With no visible shackle to cut and a round, smooth surface, these locks look more like pucks than padlocks.

Lock the Lock

Sturdy locks are good, but a lock box is even better. Lock boxes are also sometimes called padlock protectors or latch guards. Spending the extra money to get a lock box, which is essentially a metal box around a lock, will prevent any possibility of tampering. This can protect your investment in your locks.

Numbers Game

It is possible to modify a shipping container to require a keypad for entry. This can be a valuable investment if you are looking for additional security. Encountering a keypad entry door can stop thieves in their tracks before they can even reach other locks. It may also be more convenient to remember a key code than to manage multiple sets of locks and keys. 

Another Set of Eyes

Consider installing a security camera in or outside of your shipping container. There are many kinds of security cameras that can record video you can watch at home from the comfort of your couch. Or consider motion-activated cameras, which begin recording every time there’s action in or around your shipping container. In order to successfully record footage inside of a shipping container, you will also need to install security lights, which will illuminate the space so you can catch everything on tape.

Sound the Alarm

Even if you don’t use cameras as part of your shipping container security system, consider installing an alarm system that will sound if a door is broken open or a barrier is breached. There are alarm systems that you can engage and disengage from your mobile device, as well as classic systems that require a key code to enable and disable. A silent alarm might be a wise choice if your container is on your property and you want the would-be burglar to be unaware their entry has been noticed. 

Location Is Key

If you get the opportunity to choose a storage container’s location, pick an out-of-the-way, somewhat hidden spot with limited access from main roads. Even if you end up in a less than ideal location or can’t choose where your unit is located, you can still be vigilant. Read up on the crime rate around the area. Scout out what other containers in the area look like. Do many of them have signs of vandalism such as graffiti or signs of forced entry such as pry marks? Investigate the buildings nearby as well as the area’s traffic patterns. It’s not only a good way to determine potential threats but also a way to discover an unexpected benefit, such as a fence in the right place or prominent security cameras outside of nearby businesses.

Start with the Best

Even with all of these security systems in place, your shipping container security is still only as good as the rest of the container. At LGI Transport, we have those options here for you. If you’re looking for used shipping containers for sale in CT, give us a call. We offer high-quality, heavy-duty, weatherproof steel storage containers with 19-ply interior floors and corrosion-resistant exteriors. Competitors’ products don’t stand a chance compared to ours! We also offer shipping containers for sale in NJ, as well as in Pennsylvania and New York, to meet all of your needs. When it comes to peace of mind, nothing is better than having that extra layer of security. For us, that starts with providing you with a great product. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!