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Shipping Containers for Sale in PA

Buy or Rent Storage Containers in Pennsylvania

As a Pennsylvania-based business, you enjoy convenient access to elite freight hubs such as Interstate Highway 95 and the Atlantic Ocean. You’re confident that you can always count on these time-tested shipping routes, but how confident are you about the storage containers you use during transport? When shipping freight all over the map to your various clients, there’s only one thing separating your products from busy roads and the bottom of the ocean: our storage products. LGI Transport, LLC is here for all of your needs when you need to buy or rent storage containers in Pennsylvania, anywhere, anytime, for any reason. We have a broad assortment of used shipping containers and storage containers — including steel storage containers — all available for sale and rent in PA.

Customers can buy or rent storage containers all over PA in:

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allentown
  • Erie
  • Reading

Pennsylvania Storage Containers for Sale

Briefly browse our inventory of used shipping containers, and you will see that the products we have for sale in PA come in many shapes and sizes. We understand that flexibility is important to your business, so we’ve accumulated a broad inventory of shipping and storage containers that are suited for various industries. We offer discounted rates on some of the best cargo containers for sale on the market today. No matter what your budget is, you can rely on LGI Transport to provide you with affordable products that not only fill your business’s needs but also meet its high-quality standards.

Pennsylvania Storage Containers for Rent

Even if you’re looking to rent storage containers for your business rather than buy them, we have countless options available to suit your needs as well. Renting a storage container can also be advantageous, both logistically and economically. Our containers for rent in Pennsylvania give you the storage and convenience that keeps your business lean.

Buy or Rent 40 Ft. Storage Containers in PA

When you think of a storage container, the ones that come to mind are probably 40-foot storage containers. These large, hardy containers can handle just about any cargo loads you put in them, from bulky to just plain heavy. 40-foot storage containers are also the best to convert into storage solutions. Our available inventory of 40’ storage containers is huge, and you won’t find better prices anywhere!

Buy or Rent 40 Ft. High Cube Storage Containers in PA

If you’re looking to buy or rent storage containers in Pennsylvania that are a little different, look into our 40-ft. high cube storage containers. Many of our clients who order these containers need the length provided by 40’ storage containers, as well as additional vertical space for product stacking, forklift maneuvering, and more.

Buy or Rent 20 Ft. Storage Containers in PA

Does a 40-foot storage container sound too large for you? Check out our 20-foot options! If you’re working with limited space, only need a certain amount of storage, or want to choose a small and affordable storage solution, a 20-foot storage container might be just what you need.

Note: While we do offer a huge variety of 20’ storage containers to suit every industry and need, high cube options are usually more prevalent among 40’ containers rather than 20’ containers due to manufacturing tendencies. However, we still want to work with you if you need custom-sized storage options — so get in touch, and we’ll take the time to figure out what might suit your needs. We go the extra mile by customizing used shipping containers as requested by our clients. Steel storage containers can be altered to custom dimensions in order to make the product work for your commercial or industrial needs.

Buy or Rent Mobile Office Trailers in PA

One reason some of our clients buy or rent storage containers in Pennsylvania is for use as mobile office trailers. These convenient, portable custom office spaces are ideal for all types of businesses and applications.

Store, Secure, and Succeed with LGI Transport

When you’re looking for a reliable partner to buy or rent storage containers in Pennsylvania, rely on LGI Transport to go the extra mile for you. No matter if you’re seeking storage containers in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Reading, or elsewhere in PA, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.