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When it comes to finding cargo storage containers for sale, LGI Transport, LLC is the dealer that people all over the country count on. As one of the leading suppliers of cargo containers in the Northeast, we offer new and used cargo containers for sale to businesses and individuals throughout the entire United States.

The cargo containers we have for sale come in a variety of sizes and can be used for large storage applications, like keeping vehicles, boats, and home furnishing safe; down to simple storage for stacks of papers and files to help declutter your home or office. Regardless of where you are on the map, the professionals at LGI Transport, LLC are able to bring cargo containers directly to you.

Along with being an exceptional storage option, our used cargo containers for sale are perfect for the transport of goods. Shipping companies all across the country buy and rent our containers to help with the transportation of large and bulk items via railway or boat. With our reinforced metal storage containers, customers get peace of mind knowing they receive superior protection for any type of cargo they are shipping. We can even add sturdy, custom roll-up doors and shatterproof windows to make transportation that much safer.

Cargo Storage Containers for Sale

 Our used cargo storage containers for sale are offered at some of the lowest prices you’ll find. We make it our goal to provide convenient and versatile storage services to customers on any budget. We understand the logistical side of business, which is why we want to make sure smaller businesses on the East Coast have the same opportunity to have access to cargo containers as larger businesses on the West Coast.

If purchasing one of our cargo storage containers isn’t in your best interest, we also offer rental options. Starting at just $79.99 per month, we offer our 20-foot steel containers, and for $110 per month, our 40-foot containers are available. While some customers may be worried about the quality of rental cargo containers, we perform regular maintenance and upkeep on all our used and rental containers to ensure the highest quality.

At LGI Transport, LLC, the intermodal shipping containers we use have been the standard in exporting since the 1950s. These shipping containers have been regarded as the safest, most efficient ones on the market. With advances in technology developing improvements and enhancements on this already superior container, LGI Transport, LLC customers are always getting shipping containers that meet all the regulations for hassle-free shipping.

When a business or an individual needs a trustworthy cargo and storage dealer, they turn to LGI Transport, LLC. With the combination of low prices, coupled with fast and personalized services, there is no reason to settle for anything less.

What Are Cargo Containers Used For?

Cargo containers are versatile metal boxes used for transporting goods. However, their use extends far beyond that! They serve a wide range of purposes across various industries and can be huge assets to businesses of all kinds. 

Used containers are commonly repurposed as storage units for both short-term and long-term business. They are used on construction sites, at warehouses, on farms, and can even be used for personal storage. If you need to buy a cargo container as part of your farm infrastructure, it can be transformed into hydroponic or aquaponic farming systems in addition to service as a storage solution. 

If you’re a retail business or food services business, you can buy a used cargo container for a pop-up shop because they’re easy to move around. Rather than spending a ton on a commercial space, they’re a cost-effective way to set up your business! Cargo containers can also be used to create affordable housing solutions or disaster relief solutions such as temporary shelters, medical facilities, or for storing supplies. 

Cargo Containers Are Very Durable

There are many benefits to having a shipping container, one of which is its durability. The lifespan of a shipping container depends significantly on how it is maintained, but when properly cared for it can last for over 25 years. Each container is designed to resist the elements and provide unparalleled protection for the merchandise stored within it.

We Can Customize Cargo Containers

To help you get the most out of the cargo containers you buy, we offer customization services. Depending on your needs, we can: 

  • Add shelving, lighting, insulation, or ventilation to provide secure storage solutions.
  • Convert them into temporary housing by adding doors, windows, insulation, plumbing, and electricity.
  • Make them suitable for a modular office setup. 
  • Design the interior for a pop-up retail space 
  • Outfit it for a mobile medical clinic 
  • And more! 

These are just a few examples of how cargo containers can be customized to meet diverse needs and applications. With a little creativity and the right team on your side, you can buy the exact cargo container you’re envisioning. 

Transportation & Delivery

Once you buy the shipping container, we transport it to your site. Delivery is professional and takes all the risk out of your hands. We offer up to 40-foot shipping containers to meet your needs! LGI Transport has a wide variety of new & used cargo containers available for purchase. Our cargo containers can be used for storage or to transport goods. Contact us or visit our website today to learn more and see what a used container can mean for you!