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Streamline your shipping needs with top-quality 40 ft. shipping containers from LGI Transport. Whether you’re seeking a durable solution for transporting goods or need an effective way to store excess inventory, these versatile cargo units have you covered.

40 Ft. Containers for Sale

40 ft. shipping containers are the heroes of the logistics industry. As the gold standard for cargo transport, these robust, water-tight vessels are designed to withstand the rigors of international shipping. But their function doesn’t stop at transporting goods; they are also commonly repurposed as storage containers, providing ample space for a variety of uses.

Key Features of the 40 Ft. Storage Containers

Understanding the attributes of 40 ft. storage containers and container sizes can help you make an informed purchasing or renting decision. Here’s what sets them apart:

  1. Size and Space: The exterior dimensions of a typical 40 ft. shipping container are around 40 ft in length, 8ft in width, and 8.6ft in height. Inside, you’ll find about 2,390 cubic feet of storage space, making these units excellent for holding bulky or large quantities of items.
  2. Durability: These containers are constructed with corrosion-resistant steel, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Even used containers offer remarkable longevity, providing durable storage or transport solutions.
  3. Security: With their robust steel construction and lockable doors, these containers are virtually impervious to break-ins, keeping your valuables secure.
  4. Versatility: From simple storage to complex modifications, the potential applications of a 40ft shipping container are virtually limitless. You can stack, fill, modify, and transport them as per your needs.

Common Uses of 40 Ft. Storage Containers

The versatility of a 40ft shipping container opens up a world of possibilities beyond the realm of shipping and storage. Let’s take a look at some common uses for 40ft shipping containers:

  1. Construction Sites: At any job site, a 40-foot shipping container can be used as a secure, weather-resistant place to store tools, equipment, and materials.
  2. Commercial Use: Businesses often use these containers for storing excess inventory, especially when warehouse space is limited or expensive.
  1. Disaster Relief: In the wake of natural disasters, these containers can serve as temporary shelters, providing much-needed accommodation in times of crisis.
  2. Agriculture: Farmers can use these containers to securely store equipment, feed, and supplies.

40 Ft. Shipping Containers vs. Other Shipping Container Dimensions

When choosing a container for storage, it’s vital to focus on the dimensions of the unit — both internal and external. Here, we provide a detailed account of the measurements for both 20ft and 40ft storage containers:

For a 20ft Storage Container:

  • Exterior Dimensions: Length of 19’ 10”, Width of 8’, and Height of 8’ 6”
  • Interior Dimensions: Length of 19’ 4”, Width of 7’ 8”, and Height of 7’ 10”
  • Doorway Dimensions: Width of 7’ 8” and Height of 7’ 6”

For a 40ft Storage Container:

  • Exterior Dimensions: Length of 40’, Width of 8’, and Height of 8’ 6”
  • Interior Dimensions: Length of 39’ 6”, Width of 7’ 8”, and Height of 7’ 10”
  • Doorway Dimensions: Width of 7’ 8” and Height of 7’ 6”

It’s crucial to note that 40ft containers also come in a High-Cube version, which offers additional height for those needing to store large items or require access through a taller doorway. Here are the measurements for these containers:

For a 40ft High-Cube Storage Container:

  • Exterior Dimensions: Length of 40’, Width of 8’, and Height of 9’ 6”
  • Interior Dimensions: Length of 39’ 6”, Width of 7’ 8”, and Height of 8’ 10”
  • Doorway Dimensions: Width of 7’ 8” and Height of 8’ 6”

All the dimensions are given in English units.

Weight of 40 Foot Shipping Containers

Understanding the weight of your shipping container is vital when planning for transportation and storage. Here, we will delve into the specifics of the weight of 40-foot shipping containers, comparing them with their 20-foot counterparts.

A typical empty 40-foot shipping container weighs approximately 8,000 pounds (or about 4 tons). Regarding a 40ft shipping container, its maximum gross weight (meaning the container’s combined weight and cargo) is usually around 67,200 pounds or about 33.6 tons. This impressive weight capacity is one of the reasons why these large shipping containers are chosen by companies worldwide for a variety of purposes.

Comparing 40-foot and 20 Foot Shipping Containers

Compared to 40-foot shipping containers, 20-foot options are indeed lighter and smaller. An empty 20-foot shipping container weighs approximately 5,000 pounds (or about 2.5 tons). Its maximum gross weight is around 66,139 pounds or about 33.1 tons.

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When it comes to 40 ft. shipping containers for sale, understanding your options and the benefits of these units can help you make the best choice for your needs. Whether you’re looking to ship a large volume of goods, need additional storage space for furniture, or have a creative project in mind, the versatile 40 ft container is a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Ready to explore your options? Contact LGI Transport today and discover how our 40 ft storage containers can streamline your shipping and storage needs. Don’t just settle for any solution; choose a solution trusted by industry professionals and customers worldwide.

40 Foot Shipping Containers FAQ

Let’s tackle some common questions about 40 ft. shipping containers:

Yes, unless stated otherwise, most containers sold are cargo worthy, meaning they meet the criteria for overseas shipping.

Delivery typically involves a tilt-bed truck. The container is loaded onto the truck at the depot, transported to your location, and then tilted off the truck onto the site.

Yes, if you have the appropriate equipment and vehicle, you can pick up your container from the depot.

A “one trip” container is a unit that has been used for one cargo trip. Since these are nearly new, they are often in excellent condition.