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Shipping Containers For Sale & Rent in New York

New York presents a diverse landscape for residents living in the state. From the crowded streets of the Upper East Side to the open land of upstate New York, there are countless businesses in the area, all with different logistical needs. If your NY business is searching for practical storage solutions, browse our inventory of storage containers for sale in New York!

We are the leading supplier of new and used storage containers for sale in New York. We offer customer service that is unrivaled from the rest of the competition, and with the various sizes of equipment available, you are sure to find a container that meets your demands. We make it easy for our customers to personally select the container they desire, and they can even request modifications to meet specific accommodations. In other words, when it’s time to buy or rent storage containers in New York, you can trust LGI!

We sell and rent storage containers in the following NY communities:

  • New York City
  • Newburg
  • Albany
  • Yonkers
  • Long Island

Ready to put our shipping containers in New York to work? Contact our specialists today and explore our inventory of used and new containers.

New York Storage Containers for Sale

Our wide selection of shipping containers for sale in NY provides the perfect solution for any business that transports freight by land or sea. Have bulk items that must remain secure throughout the entire transport? The shipping containers we offer are of the highest quality and keep all types of products safe and secure, regardless of size.

A great reason to use LGI Transport to buy or rent our storage containers in New York is that we offer custom solutions. Custom-made storage containers seem to be harder and harder to come by these days. When you partner with us, you can easily customize the accessories inside one of our storage containers. You can make modifications such as adding hefty roll-up doors, shatterproof metal windows, extra lighting, and more. Some customers even add weather-resistant plugs, which gives people transporting goods the added peace of mind of knowing their materials can make it through the harshest of conditions.

New York Storage Containers for Rent

We understand that permanent shipping containers don’t make sense for every New York business or endeavor. When you need a temporary solution that you can rely on in the Empire State, turn to no one other than our specialists! We offer storage containers for rent in New York, so you can take advantage of our high-quality assortment for as long as you need it. We offer everything from 20 ft. containers to 40 ft. storage containers and 40 ft. high cube containers for all your diverse needs.

Buy or Rent 40 Ft. Storage Containers in New York

Each of the shipping containers we have for sale in New York adheres to current safety regulations, and we ensure complete customer satisfaction with our products. That being said, one of our strongest and most popular choices among customers who want to buy or rent storage containers in New York is our 40-ft. storage containers. These huge containers can hold just about anything you might want to lock away safely.

Buy or Rent 40 Ft. High Cube Storage Containers in New York

Need extra vertical space? We also offer 40 ft. high cube storage containers for clients in New York who are storing bulky, tall, or awkwardly shaped products. High cube cargo containers are still easy to stack and store as they have the same width as standard 40-foot containers but can provide all the extra space you might need.

Buy or Rent 20 Ft. Storage Containers in New York

If you want a smaller storage solution, look to our 20 ft. storage containers in New York. Many of the small business owners who rent or buy storage containers in New York with us rely on these smaller containers as the backbone of their business.

Buy or Rent Mobile Office Trailers in NY

Thinking about a mobile office solution? Mobile office trailers are an affordable way to get more out of your job site. We rent and sell all kinds of mobile office trailers!

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The Durability & Life Expectancy of Steel Storage Containers

Steel shipping containers in New York are renowned for their durability. Constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy handling, these containers have a long life expectancy. Even used cargo containers in New York retain their strength and structural integrity, making them a cost-effective option. Steel’s robustness ensures your storage container will endure for years, safeguarding your goods from environmental factors and unauthorized access.

Shipping Container Sizes: How to Determine Which One Is Right for Your Needs

When it comes to fulfilling your storage needs, shipping containers offer an ideal solution. Whether for industrial projects, retail storage, or something in between, these steel shipping containers in New York are both versatile and durable. The first step in utilizing them effectively is selecting the right size. Cargo containers in New York come in various dimensions, including 20-foot and 40-foot options. Assess the volume of items you intend to store or transport to decide between these sizes.

For smaller loads, a 20-foot container might suffice, offering ample space and easy loading. If you have more substantial requirements, the 40-foot option provides increased capacity. Both new and used shipping containers are available, allowing you to balance your budget with your storage needs. Companies selling shipping containers in New York, like LGI Transport, can guide you to the very best pricing for your requirements, ensuring you make an informed decision before finalizing the purchase.

When You Think Storage, Think LGI Transport!

Unable to meet with us in person to select the right unit for your storage needs? Let us take care of you. Whenever you buy or rent storage containers in New York with LGI, we offer swift delivery directly to your location. We’ll handle all the hard work, like container modifications, customization, and delivery, while you take care of your other priorities. We work closely with you and your associates to ensure each of your unique needs are met and that you receive a top-quality shipping container when you need it most.

We serve everywhere in NY when it comes to storage containers: New York City, Newburg, Albany, Yonkers, Long Island, and beyond. If you’d like to receive an estimate before you buy or rent storage containers in New York from us, simply get in touch with our team today, and we’ll provide you with a free quote. Don’t delay; get your business on the right track when you rely on LGI!

Shipping Container Frequently Asked Questions

Are steel shipping containers suitable for retail businesses?

Absolutely, steel shipping containers are versatile and secure, making them an excellent choice for everything from retail storage to construction site equipment storage.

How easy is it to transport loaded containers?

Shipping containers are designed for transportation, featuring standardized dimensions for easy movement via trucks, trains, or ships.

Can I purchase a new shipping container for industrial use?

Yes, you can purchase new containers for both industrial and commercial use. They come with the latest features and ensure optimal storage conditions.

Are there specific regulations for placing shipping containers on commercial properties?

Yes, local zoning and building codes may have guidelines regarding the placement and use of shipping containers on commercial properties. Check with your local authorities before you buy shipping containers.

How do I ensure the security of items stored in a shipping container?

Steel shipping containers are inherently secure, but you can enhance security by adding locks, alarms, and monitoring systems.

Do shipping containers require maintenance?

While steel containers are low-maintenance, it’s recommended to inspect them periodically for any signs of rust or damage, especially if exposed to harsh conditions.