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40ft Shipping High Cube Container


Buy or Rent 40 Ft. High Cube Storage Containers

High cube storage containers have changed the shipping industry for the better by adding height while keeping width and length the same. If you need to ship a large amount of goods in a shipping container that’s still an industry standard width and length, check out LGI Transport, LLC’s huge inventory of 40 ft. high cube storage containers for sale online!

When you need to buy or rent 40 ft. high cube storage containers, you can trust the professional shipping and storage experts at LGI. We also offer a wide variety of other size options, so you can buy or rent 20 ft. storage containers — or buy or rent 40 ft. storage containers without the extra height space. (But since you’re here looking at our 40-foot high cube storage containers, we’re betting you need that space!)

We deliver custom storage solutions throughout the Northeast near and far, and we’re proud to serve some of the busiest shipping hubs and major commerce zones such as:

What is a High Cube Storage Container?

A high cube storage container, also called a high cube shipping container or just a high cube, is a storage container that’s the same width and length as a standard container (40 feet by 8 ½ feet) yet features an extra foot (12”) of vertical space. This allows for extra storage, while still enabling high cube containers to stack with standard size ones.

High Cube Storage Containers vs. Standard Containers

The main difference that customers who buy or rent 40 ft. high cube storage containers are looking for is extra space. Here are some differences between the two types of storage containers:

  • 40-foot high cube storage containers are 12” (1 foot) taller than standard height storage containers of the same length.
  • High cube storage containers offer around 345 cubic feet (9.8 meters) of additional storage space.
  • High cube storage containers weigh 300-500 lbs (135-225 kilograms) more than standard size storage containers.

High Cube Storage Container Features

All of our 40 ft. high cube storage containers for sale online have the following features:

  • 14-gauge corrugated steel construction, enough to hold tens of thousands of pounds
  • Set of lockable double doors on one side (end) of each unit
  • Flooring made from 1 ⅛ inch thick marine plywood
  • Tightly sealed to keep out pests, moisture, humidity, and more

Common Uses of High-Cube Storage Containers

The sky’s the limit for usage and capability when you buy or rent 40 ft. high cube storage containers from LGI! Here are just a few of the reasons people regularly buy or rent 40 ft. high cube storage containers:

  • To serve agricultural needs such as livestock transportation
  • To simplify construction jobs by holding materials
  • To create portable worksites, offices, etc.
  • To move or store hazardous chemicals or other sensitive materials
  • To store or ship files, records, information, and other business documents
  • To transport bulk shipments of equipment to facilities such as schools, gyms, etc.
  • To supplement or protect inventory
  • To easily move cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles
  • To serve as a storage unit alternative — using a high cube storage container, it’s easy to store bulky items such as appliances, furniture, etc. cheaply and easily
  • To declutter homes, garages, apartment buildings, and other living spaces

What Are the Dimensions and Capacity of a 40 Ft. High Cube Container?

Exterior Dimensions

Following are the exterior dimensions for all of our 40 ft. high cube storage containers for sale online:

  • Length: 40 feet (12.2 meters)
  • Width: 8 feet (2.4 meters)
  • Height: 9½ feet (2.9 meters)

Interior Dimensions

These are the interior dimensions of our 40’ high cube containers:

  • Length: 39½ feet (12 meters)
  • Width: 7 feet, 8 inches (2.3 meters)
  • Height: 8 feet, 10 inches (2.7 meters)

The average door opening for a 40’ high cube storage container measures 8½ feet (2.3 meters) by 7 feet, 9 inches (2.4 meters) by 7½ feet (2.3 meters).


A 40 ft. high cube storage container weighs about 8600 lbs. The additional weight compared to standard size containers comes from the added foot of height.


Here are some more specifics about what you can fit in 40’ high cube containers:

  • The usable capacity (volume) of a high cube 40-ft. storage container is roughly 2700 cubic feet (76.5 cubic meters).
  • The floor space inside a high cube 40-ft. storage container measures about 285 square feet (26.5 square meters). You might notice that this is the same floor space as standard containers. Remember that the advantage of high cube containers is in the height, not the floor space.
  • 21 standard (American-sized) pallets (40×48” or 1×1.2m) can laid inside the unit if the loads do not overhang the pallets.
  • 5-7 standard-sized cars (midsize coupes or sedans) can fit into a 40 ft high cube storage container if they are appropriately stacked (in racking or using lifts).
  • The maximum payload (weight the container can hold) is about 62,900 lbs.

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