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If you’re in search of metal shipping containers to transport or store goods for your business, navigating the cluttered landscape of steel shipping containers for sale can be overwhelming, at best. Without a base knowledge of the industry, it can feel as though you need a Ph.D. to understand all of the different types and sizes of containers that are available on the market. With so many different dealers out there, using their own industry terms in regard to metal storage containers for sale, you need to rely on a company who makes things as simple for you as possible.

By choosing the professionals at LGI Transport, LLC, you get a team that has years of experience and immense knowledge of all the steel shipping containers for sale and metal storage containers for sale. With our exceptional customer service and the most competitive pricing around, we firmly believe we will exceed your expectations when you entrust us with your business.

Metal Shipping Containers for Sale

Before making any type of rental agreement or purchase, it’s important to have an understanding of the product you’re buying. Even if you have no expertise in the realm of metal shipping containers, we can easily break down the types of containers available for you.

The two types of metal shipping containers we offer are the standard ocean cargo and domestic shipping cargo containers.

Ocean cargo containers are used primarily to ship goods both domestically and overseas. These steel storage containers for sale are made from COR-TEN steel, which is known for its high-quality performance, making the container extremely durable and secure. These storage containers are offered in two standard sizes: 20-foot and 40-foot.

Our domestic metal shipping containers are used strictly within the United States. These steel shipping containers for sale are made from either aluminum or steel, and they generally range anywhere from 45, 48, or 53 feet in length. While there isn’t a grading system for metal shipping containers, there is a universal language for their descriptions:

  • One trip new (a container manufactured in China then shipped to the United States)
  • Cargo-worthy (not considered new, but still certified to ship goods. Confirmed windproof and watertight)
  • Wind and watertight (still cargo worthy, but a qualified surveyor has not inspected it for verification)
  • As is (may have leaks or could potentially be damaged)

Steel Storage Containers For Sale

When you are examining the parts of your steel storage container, there are some key things you want to look for. First off, you’ll want to make sure that the container keeps out wind and water. One of the best ways to do this is to put yourself inside one of the steel storage containers for sale and checking to see if daylight makes its way through. It’s also important to check any rusty areas and make sure the rust is only on the surface.

If you are looking for a trusted dealer of metal storage containers for sale, LGI Transport, LLC is the company you can count on. We consult with customers to make sure they order the right new or used container to handle any specific job. We also inspect all containers before selling them, regardless of where in the United States we need to send them. For more about the best metal storage containers for sale on the market today, contact us to receive a free estimate.