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Steel Metal Shipping Containers for Sale: Your Ultimate Storage Solution

Steel metal shipping containers have stood the test of time as the most reliable solution when it comes to storing and shipping goods. Renowned for their durability and versatility, they offer a wide range of applications, from conventional storage uses to innovative architectural projects. LGI Transports LLC offers a wide range of shipping containers and custom storage solutions to fit your needs.

Metal Shipping Containers for Sale: A Sturdy Investment

Whether you’re looking for a storage container to safely store your items or need a shipping solution to transport goods across the globe, metal shipping containers are an investment worth considering.

These containers are constructed from high-grade steel and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Their robust structure makes them resistant to corrosion and damage, ensuring your goods remain secure and protected. Moreover, they offer a range of sizes to cater to different storage needs, making them a versatile option for businesses.

Steel Shipping Containers: The Trustworthy Choice

Among the various shipping containers available in the market, steel shipping containers stand out as a favorite choice for many. But what makes them so popular?

Firstly, their durability is second to none. They can easily withstand heavy loads, making them an excellent choice for transporting bulky goods. Additionally, they offer excellent security, thanks to their sturdy construction and lockable doors. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your goods are well-protected.

Steel Storage Containers For Sale: Expanding Your Storage Capacity

Steel storage containers are your go-to solution if you’re running out of storage space at your business. These containers offer ample space to store various items, from construction materials to office equipment, freeing up your workspace from clutter.

They can store heavy materials like scrap metal and construction materials. They also offer a cost-effective way to expand your storage capacity without the need for building expensive warehouses or storage units.

We Can Customize Metal Shipping Containers

Metal shipping containers are not one-size-fits-all. When you buy from LGI Transport, you can customize your metal shipping containers to fit your unique needs. Whether you need extra space for your business, a disaster relief shelter, or any other purpose, our metal shipping containers can outfitted for exactly what you need. We can add extra doors or windows, shelving, partitions, insulation, security measures, and more! Not only are our large steel storage containers incredibly versatile, but they’re also durable. 

Primary Uses of Metal Storage Containers 

  • Business Storage: Use metal shipping containers to store excess inventory for your business.
  • Construction Storage: Construction crews need secure storage for tools, equipment, and building materials. Steel cargo containers are durable enough to stay on the construction site while keeping everything you need easily accessible.
  • Temporary Housing: Metal cargo containers can also be converted into temporary housing for disaster relief programs. 
  • Farming/Agriculture: Need to store your equipment, feed, and other farming supplies? Buy one of our steel cargo containers!

Why Choose LGI Transport LLC

At LGI Transport LLC, we understand our customers’ diverse needs regarding storage and shipping. That’s why we offer a range of steel metal shipping containers for sale. Our containers are designed to meet customer needs, offering robust construction, secure storage, and versatile usage.

Whether you need a container for storage, shipping, or a creative project, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of container options to fulfill your unique requirements. We have got you covered from 40ft shipping containers to high cube and cargo containers. Choose from various sizes and types confidently, knowing we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Not only do we offer high-quality containers, but we also pride ourselves on competitive prices and excellent customer service. We aim to provide all our customers with a seamless purchase and delivery experience, ensuring that your container is delivered to your desired location and ready for use.

Shipping Containers For Sale: Get More For Your Money

Buying a steel storage container or a metal shipping container is not only a practical decision but also an economic one. Unlike renting a warehouse or building additional storage, buying a container is a one-time investment that offers long-term benefits.

High Cube Containers: More Space For Your Needs

When you need more storage space, high-cube containers are an excellent solution. These containers are an extra foot taller than standard shipping containers, providing additional storage space. This makes them perfect for storing or shipping large or bulky items.

Your Perfect Container Awaits

Whether you’re looking to transport heavy machinery, require additional storage space, or even planning to build a custom office space, our steel metal shipping containers offer the perfect solution. With a variety of types and sizes available, you can find the perfect container to meet your specific needs.

At LGI Transport LLC, we provide high-quality steel metal shipping containers that offer durability, versatility, and security. Contact us today to explore our range of containers and find the perfect one for your needs. The perfect container for you is just a call away!


Flat rack shipping containers are designed with collapsible sides that fold down to create a flat rack, ideal for shipping oversized items like heavy machinery or construction materials.

Buying or leasing a shipping container can be a cost-effective solution. They offer durable and versatile storage space that can be used for different purposes, eliminating the need for constructing or renting additional facilities.

Intermodal containers, or conex boxes, are shipping containers designed for transport by multiple modes, such as ship, rail, and truck, without the need to unload the cargo.

High cube containers are an extra foot taller than standard shipping containers, providing additional storage space. They are perfect for storing or shipping large or bulky items.

Double doors provide wider access for the loading and unloading goods, which is especially beneficial for bulky cargo. Some containers have doors at both ends, known as tunnel shipping containers, for easier access.