4 Commercial Uses for a Shipping Container

Shipping containers have a broad range of uses. In fact, over the years, shipping containers have gained popularity in many industries because of their versatility and cost-effectiveness. At LGI Transport, LLC, we sell used storage containers for a variety of purposes.

If you run a commercial business and you would like to find a used shipping container for sale, then LGI Transport has what you need. We provide shipping containers in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. Check out our top four commercial uses for shipping containers below:

  1. Automotive

If you’re in the automotive industry, then you understand that secure and durable storage options are a must. Since shipping containers are primarily used to transport cars across the country, then why couldn’t you use one for your business?

Shipping containers are designed out of steel that has withstood the test of extreme weather. They’re also durable, so you can trust that thieves won’t break in and steal your tools or your car parts. You can store tires, parts, empty barrels, and even vehicles inside a shipping container.

  1. Manufacturing

Those in the manufacturing industry will never run out of reasons to use a storage container. They are perfect storage options for those in the food processing industry, textile industry, or furniture industry.

Even companies that manufacture plastic use shipping containers because it provides a space-saving option that can’t be found elsewhere for such a reasonable price. Shipping containers can house raw materials, specialty tools, long-term bulk stock, and finished products, as well.

  1. Agriculture

Think of all those agricultural equipment storage options that are covered with the purchase of a shipping container. Shipping containers will keep your heavy machinery and farm tools safe. They’ll also hold all of your farm supplies safely. Even better, you can transport your container to whatever section of your farm that you choose.

  1. Education

Schools always seem to need more space. Shipping containers are excellent for storing extra team sports gear, administrative files, large equipment, office supplies, and library supplies such as books and folders. For schools that need a heavy-duty storage option, shipping containers have stacking abilities, so the options are always endless.

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