3 Reasons to Consider a Shipping Container Home

Years ago, it might have sounded outlandish, but nowadays, transforming a shipping container into a home is not such a far-fetched idea. A shipping container home is essentially a dwelling that’s built using one or more shipping containers. Many people have repurposed shipping containers and made beautiful, functional living spaces for themselves and their families.

At LGI Transport, LLC, we provide customers with shipping containers for a variety of purposes. Those interested in finding shipping containers for sale in NJ or cargo containers for sale in MI can rely on LGI Transport, LLC. We are a lead provider of shipping containers for a variety of purposes, and we’ve got three reasons to consider using one as a dwelling space:

1. Creativity
Shipping container homes are one of the least expensive routes to go if you’re in the market for a new, yet affordable home. Most people who use shipping containers for living spaces stack them on top of each other. The possibilities for configurations is only as limited as your imagination. Some people set containers next to each other, while other designers like to create a perpendicular effect for a modern aesthetic. The customizations are endless, which makes them so appealing to many people. Those who are interested in minimalist architectural design are especially drawn to their eco-friendly applications.

2. Price
If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, chances are you’ll find this possible with a shipping container home. Generally speaking, shipping container homes are much less expensive than their brick and mortar counterparts. With just a little bit of creativity and some perseverance, a shipping container can be transformed into a comfortable and beautiful living area.

3. Eco-consciousness
Many shipping containers are discarded or abandoned by their owners on a yearly basis. By opting to repurpose them and create a functional living space with them, you are giving them an extension on their life and reducing the amount of trash that would otherwise need to be disposed of. Purchasing a shipping container is a low-impact step toward building a home that can be used as either a temporary or permanent living structure.

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