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What’s the Difference Between Standard Ocean Cargo and Domestic Shipping Cargo Containers?

Many of our customers call or email to ask us what the difference is between domestic shipping and ocean cargo containers. As the leading provider of shipping containers for sale in NY and nearby regions, we want to make sure that every purchase our clients make lines up with their specific needs and expectations. We don’t want you to invest in an ocean cargo container when you only require something domestic. We also don’t want anyone to attempt to ship domestic containers internationally. For this reason, we’ve created this post to clarify the difference between these two types of storage.

Domestic Shipping Containers

Domestic shipping containers are typically made using aluminum and steel materials. These materials are durable and able to withstand many different weather conditions, specifically, in the U.S. All of the domestic shipping containers that we sell are thoroughly inspected both inside and out, this ensures that the vessels reach you in optimum condition and ready for immediate use. One of the leading concerns for domestic shipping containers is the safety of their contents. For this reason, all of our boxes include safety rod locks. Additionally, steel lockboxes can be welded onto the outside of the container. This means the contents of the vessel remain secure, whether it is staying on your property, or being shipped nationwide. 

Ocean Cargo Containers

Shipping cargo across the ocean carries several risks. Therefore, we always recommend purchasing your containers from a trusted and verified source. Here at LGI Transport, LLC, the quality and durability of our ocean cargo containers put buyers’ minds at ease. The cargo containers that we stock are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Some of them are large enough to ship boats, vehicles, and large items of furniture across the world in a safe and secure protective environment. Regardless of your location, we can send these containers directly to your front door or to a storage facility within the U.S.

Whichever option works for your shipping requirements, the LGI Transport, LLC team has got you covered. For additional information, storage containers for sale in PA, or to request a quote, contact our team today.