Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping & Storage Containers

With so many steel shipping containers for sale at LGI Transport, we get lots of questions regarding the capabilities of our products. Whether you need a container for cargo, storage, or some other reason, you deserve answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our shipping containers:

How Long Do Shipping Containers Last?

Generally speaking, the lifespan of any shipping container will depend on how well it is maintained over the years. With perfect maintenance, a new cargo container can last as long as 35 years or more. However, the average lifespan of a shipping container is closer to 25 years. If you buy a used shipping container, it will likely have a shorter lifespan than a new or “one trip” shipping container. If the containers are only being used for storage, you can expect a lifespan of about 50 years.

What Is a “One-Trip” Shipping Container?

One-trip shipping containers are essentially “new” containers that were manufactured in China, loaded with freight, and then shipped to the United States to be sold right away as “new” containers once the goods have been unloaded. Since “one trip” was made overseas with goods in the containers, calling them “brand new” would be somewhat misleading.

Do Shipping Containers Require Maintenance?

Shipping containers generally require little maintenance — but the better you take care of a shipping container, the longer it will last. Most of the required maintenance is very straightforward. Check out the infographic below to see what they include:

Infographic showing how to do shipping container maintenance

Where Should I Put a Storage Container?

If you are using a container for storage, your best course of action is to place it on a dry, level surface — ideally, an evenly paved area on the property. Since storage containers are quite heavy, a soft and uneven surface is not preferable. Finding a level surface is the most important factor, as the doors will have trouble opening and closing correctly on an uneven surface.

Are you in the market for a shipping or storage container? We have high-quality cargo storage containers for sale at LGI Transport — contact us today if you have any questions that weren’t answered here.