Tips To Keep Your Storage Container In Good Shape

From education to automotive and manufacturing, more and more industries are utilizing the benefits of shipping and storage containers. Whether they are using them for storage or office space, these containers are starting to be used for much more than just shipping. And, with this investment, it’s only wise that businesses would want to do everything they can to maintain them. So, if you want to ensure your storage or shipping container stays in great shape for as long as possible, consider these tips below.

Level Ground

It is important to avoid placing your container on any uneven ground. Uneven ground can lead to your container being in jeopardy of corrosion if any puddles form or develop under your container. Whenever it is possible, we recommend elevating your container via cinder blocks or any other material to raise your container off the ground.

Lubricate Doors

If you are using the original hinge doors on the container, you’re going to want to lubricate the doors every so often. Cargo hinge doors have the tendency to seize up if they haven’t been opened and closed in some time.

Avoid Heavy Material On The Roof

Although it may seem like storage containers may hold a lot of weight, most of the strength comes from the corners of the container, making the middle of the container surprisingly very weak. Because of this, we recommend not placing heavy objects on top of your container.

*It is also important to remember to brush off snow and other debris they may land on top of your container*

Only Store Dry Goods

While it isn’t difficult to install vents to allow airflow through your container, we still recommend only storing 100% dry goods. Avoid placing furniture or other items against walls which can lead to condensation forming.

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