4 Industries Now Using Shipping Containers

Aside from being used on cargo ships all across the world to transport goods and various items, shipping containers have been part of a newfound resurgence in other industries. From schools to hospitals, shipping containers may be more versatile than one may think. Those intrigued over the idea of using a shipping container for any of their needs have come to the right place. We here at LGI Transport, LLC have offered used shipping containers for sale in NY for all types of industries.

Here are just some of the uses that you can benefit from choosing a shipping container for:


That’s right, as we mentioned above, schools are taking advantage of the multiple uses of shipping containers. Regardless of if they are choosing an old container for storage or for full or partial classroom use. Cheaper than renovating any important building and a cheap method of extra storage, our shipping containers for sale in NJ have certainly gained popularity in recent years.


Since shipping containers are used to transport motor vehicles all over the world, it should be no surprise that shipping containers may also add a ton of value to any car enthusiasts. From the storage of spare parts and bulky accessories to keeping an entire car secure, you simply can’t go wrong choosing a used shipping container for sale from LGI Transport, LLC.


Any landscaping company knows how important it is to keep machinery locked away securely. Farmers, landscapers, and arborists alike can all benefit from more secure storage via a used or new shipping container from LGI Transport, LLC.


Anyone in the manufacturing industry knows how much storage space is needed. With the ability to provide added storage at a price that can be found elsewhere, it’s no surprise many different manufacturing industries have turned to LGI Transport, LLC for all of their shipping container needs.

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