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Tips for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Shipping Container

If you’ve recently invested in one of our shipping containers for sale in NJ, PA, or NY, you’re probably already finding your storage container to be one of your more useful purchases or rentals. However, without knowing the most efficient ways to use the amount of space you have, you may be struggling to fit everything into your unit. Use these storage tips to make maximizing the space in your storage unit simple and straightforward!

Distribute Weight Evenly

One of the most important things you can do to maximize space in your storage unit is to store bulky or heavy items at the bottom of the unit, distributed evenly across the floor space so as to eliminate the risk of cargo shifting or stacks collapsing. Positioning lighter items on top and heavier items on the bottom also enables you to have some idea of how your cargo is organized and what’s in each box. You can use smaller items to fill gaps in spaces and create structure in the space as well.

Keep Things Secure

Even if you won’t be moving your shipping container at all yourself, shipping containers are called portable storage for a reason. They are designed to be moved around. Ensure you don’t create precarious stacks of items likely to fall over on top of you — or forget to tie down awkward or unusually shaped objects. Worried about a particularly delicate piece of furniture? Don’t risk damaging it as you move other inventory items around — secure it by wrapping it in a tarp or other cover. If you have nothing else to use, plastic sheeting and duct tape can do well in a pinch and also helps keep out moisture.

Keep Necessities Easily Accessible

The best storage solutions in the world have one thing in common — accessibility. Storing your extra home necessities or business supplies in a storage container is only as effective as you make it, so make sure you can actually reach what you need. For instance, leave a floor path clear to your most-used boxes. Or, if you anticipate needing to climb to reach delicate items frequently, consider leaving a small step ladder inside your storage unit. These small yet effective methods can keep you from becoming buried in “stuff.”

Label (If You Can)

Labeling your boxes may seem time-consuming now, but it’s vital if you intend on regularly visiting your storage unit to retrieve different items for your home or business. Label on at least two sides (avoiding the tops or bottoms of boxes) to ensure that you can actually see your labels when they’re sitting on top of each other. It may be useful to come up with shorthand or product codes to use to batch-label boxes, print labels ahead of time, or keep a supply of labels, markers, tape, and more easily accessible near the door of your storage unit.

Rely on LGI!

At LGI Transport, we pride ourselves on making storage a snap, no matter if you’re a business owner, homeowner, warehouse manager, or anyone else who’s looking for shipping containers to rent or buy through NJ, NC, PA, CT, and beyond. Have other questions about your container? 

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