The Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Fire & Rescue Training

Shipping containers can be useful in many other ways besides storing goods. Different industries and professions use shipping containers in a variety of ways. Shipping container storm shelters and shipping container offices are just a few of the many possibilities we’ve seen. Did you know that some organizations even use shipping containers for fire and rescue training? Learn more about the benefits of shipping containers for this purpose below.

Shipping Containers Are Affordable

If you’ve ever looked into purchasing one of our used shipping containers for sale in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, you already know how affordable shipping containers can be. Because of this low price tag, they make excellent training structures for fire departments. Rather than having to purchase or rent an expensive property only to destroy it with fire, rescue professionals can buy a few shipping containers and use them instead.

Shipping Containers Are Portable

Live fire training is essential when firefighters and rescue personnel are training for “the real thing,” yet it can be difficult to find a place to actually engage in this training safely. Since shipping containers are easily movable, they can be relocated almost anywhere. This makes it much easier to practice fire safety and rescue in remote locations where no people or structures can accidentally be harmed.

Shipping Containers Are Customizable

Shipping containers can be stacked, welded together, or otherwise customized to make unique “burn rooms.” Firefighters and rescue experts can practice different types of scenarios using these custom-designed environments. It is also much cheaper, faster, and easier to customize shipping containers than it is to have a property specifically built with this purpose in mind.

Shipping Containers Are Safe

One of the most important priorities that fire training facilities have to keep in mind is that their practice fires do not end up causing real harm to nearby people or property. Shipping containers are self-contained and act as a controlled environment, so they make perfect practice areas for these situations. Because of their metal walls, shipping containers also limit fire growth and prevent blazes from spiraling out of control. All of these factors keep both people and property safe, which is critical!

Shipping Containers Are Durable

Another reason shipping containers make a great practice environment for fire and rescue personnel is that they are durable. With durable steel construction, these containers can be used over and over again, which saves both time and money. They also make a unique environment to practice in because of this.

Shipping Containers Are Eco-Friendly

Repeatedly burning down different structures doesn’t just use up time and money. It also uses our earth’s resources to rebuild or clean up these areas. By using and reusing durable shipping containers, fire and rescue experts can practice saving people and contribute to saving the planet!

Find the Right Shipping Container for Your Team!

At LGI Transport, LLC, we appreciate the hard work and selfless service that fire and rescue personnel provide in our communities each and every day. If you’re interested in purchasing a shipping container for any reason, including fire and rescue training, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly sales team today! Our company specializes in the sale and delivery of new and used shipping containers of the highest quality. We hope to hear from you soon.