Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers Beyond Storage

Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers Beyond Storage

It seems like everyone needs more space, be it for more apartments, a shed to get away from the rest of the people in a house, or another purpose that has to be separated from a main structure. Using storage containers for these spaces has been gaining in popularity over the past decade or so. Once cleaned out, the containers can be modified into almost anything. You can add electricity, a gas line for cooking, shelves, plaster, and drywall, and even cut windows and extra doors into the containers. These storage containers are good for much more than just storage.

Standalone Office

One of the easiest transformations for storage containers is into office buildings. Instead of bringing in temporary trailers or bungalows, add storage containers and turn them into your dream office space. Maybe you want an information center or server room along with that desk space, or maybe you need a larger meeting room. There’s a storage container size that will work for everything. The containers can also be joined together to form longer spaces or stacked together if need be.

Art Studio or Gallery

Need a space where you can get a little messy? A storage container is what you need. Metal walls and floors are easier to clean than drywall, although you can remodel the inside of the container to look like a typical indoor space in any building. You will need ventilation, especially using paints, solvents, or other materials that give off fumes. But there’s a whole industry built around transforming storage containers into any type of space in a safe and effective manner.


E-books might be convenient, but nothing beats having a physical copy of a book that no one can delete, and doesn’t rely on the power to be readable. But physical books take up space. A storage container makes a nice little library structure with enough room for shelves that will hold your growing collection. The floor space will be ample enough for at least two big, comfy chairs. Add windows for light, air conditioning, and heating for comfort and humidity control.

Workshop Space

A storage container is perfect for a workshop space. The structure is sturdy and spacious, and you can set up the interior any way you like once you add power and ventilation. Position the container as far from other buildings as possible to mitigate noise and the risk of electrical or fire hazards if you’re working with dangerous materials.

Hydroponic Indoor Garden

If you’re interested in hydroponic gardening, an indoor setup is the easiest to control in terms of contaminants, pests, and evaporation. But if you don’t have the room in your home, at the school where you’re a teacher, or wherever else you’d hoped to have a garden (e.g., institutional kitchen), then all you need is enough outdoor space to store one small storage container. You can have this container modified into a hydroponic garden room, adding windows, a ventilation system, insulation, and power.
If you need space, storage containers are versatile and relatively straightforward to transform into other structures for many other uses. If you want storage containers for your next project, contact LGI Transport. Whether you need 20 ft storage containers for a housing development or used cargo containers for sale for a smaller project, you can find what you need and begin creating the perfect space. As long as you have an outdoor area that will fit the storage container, you can obtain the space you need.