How to Single Out the Best Used Shipping Container

When you’re shopping for a storage container, you’ve made a big decision (indeed, as much as 40 ft long). Between the shipping and the storing, there’s an endless amount you could be doing with your containers. Perhaps you’re thinking of starting a business that you can literally pick up and relocate as you wish. Perhaps you’re seeing visions of that man den that you’ve dreamed of designing for years. Regardless of what you may aspire to do with your used shipping container, our sales and rental experience here at LGI Transport LLC can help with what you’re seeking.

Picking Out Your Type
We maintain and upkeep all of our used containers so that they are ready for your use. Next, you’ll want to figure out exactly which sort of used container is right for you. We tend to divide them into two central types: ocean cargo containers and domestic shipping containers. As their name implies, the oceanic variety of containers have traveled the open seas. Indeed, these are worldly storage containers. Because of their exposure to the salt in the ocean air and water, these ocean cargo containers are made of the finest steel — COR-TEN steel (named for the corrosion resistance and tensile strength of the steel alloys). Of course, there are plenty of ocean cargo containers limited strictly to domestic travel, too. Domestic shipping containers, however, travel only within the US and can be made from steel or aluminum.

Owning vs. Renting
At LGI Transport LLC, we realize that not everyone may have the budget or the desire to own their own shipping container. Whenever we recommend a used shipping container for sale to FL, NY, or PA customers, we always mention the possibility of renting as well. When you think about the versatility of these containers, $79.99 per month is cheap as far as storage space goes. Now increase that to $110 per month, and double the space, and you have a business front for that mobile bar or eatery, or extra garage space for your prized automobile. When you think about the versatility of a used storage container, and the enormous selection you find at a company like LGI Transport LLC, a purchase may be in order. Give us a call today to learn more.