Tips for Buying Used Shipping Containers

Tips for Buying Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers can provide safe, convenient storage for items being transported over long distances via plane, train, boat or automobile, and also have a number of unconventional uses, such as shelter and artistic endeavors. Before purchasing a used shipping container, consider the following:

-How long do I need it for? If you only need the shipping container for a short time, renting may be the better option. For long term needs, buying the container may be the preferable option.

– What size do I need? Take stock of the items you need to store or transport and decide what size shipping container is right for you. The standard sizes are 20 foot shipping containers and 40 foot shipping containers. Typically, shipping containers are either eight feet, six inches tall, or nine feet, six inches tall.

– Will I be able to store my shipping container at my loading and unloading location? Some places have restrictions concerning shipping containers and how long you’re allowed to have them there. Be sure your shipping container isn’t going to cause any problems before renting or buying one.

– Shop around. By comparing prices from a variety of used shipping container dealers, you can be sure to get the best possible deal on a used shipping container.

By taking the time to do a little research and price comparison, you can determine whether a shipping container is right for your needs and also ensure that you get a good price on buying or renting a shipping container.