Finding the Perfect Shipping Container for Your Needs

No matter what kind of cargo you are shipping, you want to find a shipping solution that works for your particular needs. Understanding your evolving needs will help you select the right-sized container that provides you with the ideal combination of space, safety, and total capacity. Deciding between a 20 ft shipping container for sale or a 40 ft commercial container for sale may seem like a quick answer, but picking the wrong one can set your efforts back considerably. Here are some tips for finding the perfect shipping container for your needs!

What Kind of Shipping Are You Looking to Do?

The intended use of your shipping container plays an integral role in determining what size works best for your needs. With international shipping becoming increasingly common and efficient, having the necessary storage and transport capabilities can help make your shipments go more smoothly. 

These containers can also be an excellent option for domestic transport as well. Whether you want to ship your products short or long distances, you want to find an option that meets your unique needs. LGI Transport provides our customers with a wide range of available shipping containers for sale that can meet your needs. 

Keep Security Measures in Mind

You want structurally sturdy containers with minimal dings and indentations that could compromise their structural integrity. Damaged containers can lead to security risks, potential exposure to the elements, and more. Examining every inch of your container for signs of damage, wear, and overall imperfections can help ensure your shipments arrive safely at their destination. 

Know the Measurements You Need

We’re not just talking about the depth of the containers; you also need to consider the volume. Deeper units allow you to store more products, but you must also account for the height. You can find options that provide higher ceilings so you can store and ship a more diverse array of products to your distributors. 

What Are My Options?

When you choose LGI Transport for your shipping container needs, you have access to various options that can improve your storage and shipping capabilities. Before blindly selecting a shipping container, knowing the difference between them can help you make a more informed decision and ensure you get the best value. 

20 Ft. Storage Containers

There are various industries and transport options where it makes the most sense to opt for a 20 ft. option. These versatile shipping containers can benefit everything from agriculture, automotive, chemical transport, education, food service, healthcare, and more. 

40 Ft. Storage Containers

Like their smaller brethren, 40 ft. storage containers represent an excellent option for farmers, transporting hazardous chemicals, supplies, and even larger vehicles like boats, tractors, motorcycles, and more. 

40 Ft. High Cube Storage Containers

When you need an option with more height to accommodate your shipments, our high cube options provide the necessary space to help take some anxiety off your plate. With taller dimensions, you can safely transport more pallets, bigger products and still have enough clearance to ensure everything isn’t on top of each other. 

Trust LGI Transport for Your Next Shipping Containers

Whether you need something for domestic or international shipping, finding the perfect shipping container for your needs remains critical. Knowing your available options and which ones meet your needs can help ensure you have everything you need for safe transport. LGI Transport can help you buy or rent the perfect containers. Contact our team to learn more about our available shipping container options today!