Which Industries Benefit From Portable Storage Units?

A wide range of businesses and organizations find value in storage units that transport with ease — especially those made from shipping containers. Because they are durable, secure, and mobile by truck, forklift, and crane, they can be utilized again and again with confidence. The following industries in particular benefit most from portable storage:

Farming and Agriculture

It may be rather apparent that farmers need to store items like tools and equipment, but they also tend to store harvested crops in chilled rooms and sometimes grow them in enclosed and portable spaces. Depending on the season and scale of the operation, these stored tools and crops need to be easily accessible in various locations on a single farm or plantation. The mobility and versatility of shipping container storage maintain efficient workflow regardless of the time of year.

Container units can be relocated closer to working areas within a sizable farm or field. Once these units have served their purpose and no longer need to be situated where they are, they can be easily moved in preparation for the next season or off of the property to transport goods to market.

Retail and Restaurants

Establishments that have storefronts or dining areas have tailored their space to maximize guest experience, yet they still need room to store and organize foodstuffs, supplies, and additional inventory. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a storage facility that is not only accessible but mobile, as well.

To keep the customer-facing side of the business inviting, extra storage space must often fit in a parking lot or proximity to a kitchen entrance — especially for companies undergoing rapid growth. Thanks to the modification possibilities of shipping containers, insulation, climate control, and shelving can be incorporated to keep inventory and ingredients protected and readily available.

These units’ portability is helpful to larger chains by allowing them to utilize units across different locations and moving them as needed. On the other hand, more modest establishments benefit from additional space that allows them to scale up without relocating to a new brick-and-mortar space before they are financially or logistically prepared. Upon their decision to move, they’ll still be able to bring their portable storage unit with them.

Construction and Manufacturing

For companies that use specialized tools and machinery on job sites or their own facilities, security is a priority. Also, many of these organizations have to move their tools to different locations as they take on new projects — whether that be on the other side of a warehouse, across town, or to a different city altogether. On top of efficiency, portable storage units are incredibly durable and better safeguard tools against harsh climates and theft.

Overcrowded Schools

For schools in need of all available space, shipping containers become a viable option. They can be modified for accessibility, keep contents under secure lock and key, and can even be adorned with school colors.

A storage container can be moved near athletic facilities or around the cafeteria entrance — all depending on where it’s needed most. Additionally, if one school no longer needs it, the unit can be transported to another school within the same district.

Out of all the industries that can enhance their operations using portable storage, this is just the “short list.” Consider how theme parks, oil and gas, water treatment, telecommunications, and transportation can benefit, as well. To learn more about how portable shipping container storage can meet your industry’s needs, contact us today!